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Sonu Sharma has spent over 21 Years of his life creating breakthroughs and Transforming Lives


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Glorious 21 years of experience and success in changing lives.










Corporate Training in India can change an organisation and its performance in the market. Training and business development programs are used to get the best out of everyone involved in the success of the company. When employees realize that training is available they realize that there is room for growth in your company. This enables them to work harder so that they can achieve higher standards for better pay and higher ranking in your company.

Our Strategic Training for active professionals is also helpful to change management and market Innovation and to ensure that your company is always one step ahead of the competition.

If you are able to accept changes and develop innovations your future can only prosper.

As humans, connection is as vital as the air we breathe. We are programmed to be connected.

and while we interact with people everyday its connection with purpose that moves an organisation closer to its objectives.So when we talk about connecting with purpose, it’s not just about making noise – it’s about creating mutually beneficial, and meaningful relationship.

My Corporate Training Programs are reflections of what I believe and what I practice. Many of these reflections have been taken from ancient scriptures, modern management lessons & deep study of scholarly articles..

Multifaceted Business Consultant-

Multifaceted Business Consultant and self-made Multipreneur in multiple domains i.e Direct Selling, Marketing, Training and Development, Finance, etc.

You can address me as The Rainmaker as I render my services by bridging relations between the real world and the virtual world. A successful training needs analysis will identify those who need training and what kind of training is needed. it is counter-productive to offer training to individuals who do not need it or to offer the wrong kind of training. A Training Needs Analysis helps to put the training resources to good use. Many needs assessments are available for use in a different context. Sources that can help you determine which need analysis is appropriate for your situations are described here.

Organizational Analysis ! Person Analysis ! Work Analysis ! Task Analysis ! Performance Analysis ! Content Analysis ! Training Suitability Analysis ! Cost-Benefit Analysis !

Mr Sonu Sharma is the founder of Dynamic India Group An Author, Educator, Business Advisor and a Productive Business Person, he’s a way sought- after speaker.

These days he is one of the youngest sacred Speakers in India. He conjures. up and encourages people to appreciate their true potential. He has taken his dynamic person message to the opposite side of the world. His two decades of analysis and understanding within the Direct Sales Business has placed several organizations on a path of growth and fulfillment.

More than million individuals have benefited from its dynamic workshops in our various states in India and 1 billion have detective him on Social Media and various other online platforms across 114 countries.


Mr. Sonu Sharma is the founder of DYNAMIC INDIA GROUP (INDIA). An Author, Educator, Business Consultant and a successful Entrepreneur, he is a much sought-after speaker.

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